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by Proverbial 11

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Belief 04:55
Film Noir 04:10
Film Noir (written by April White) I chose this bar for the smoke and the darkness Casting a role in my latest Film Noir You looked at me You looked away You looked again I had you then We talked as we drank lime martinis We joked, we flirted, we danced for a while You really fancied yourself I just stared.... ....all the while imagining you in my Film Noir My Film Noir, love my Film Noir We drove your car to the mountains, So cool and so far, so far away Nobody up there to hear you scream, Nobody out there to hear you plead with me, Nobody up there to see you bleed, Nobody out there to hear you scream.... You were good, I'll remember you - Star, in my Film Noir
When 04:11
Stones 04:53
Persistence 07:07
At the risk of sounding pretentious, or demystifying it, a few thoughts on my piece in response to inquiries as to “what it’s all about”. In the simplest terms, it was thinking about tradition vs. progress. The idea of the rigid and fixed tradition was portrayed by the Priest who thinks, in this piece, that everything is predestined. We cannot achieve a new Eden because we are inherently imperfect without a redeemer who never seems to return. Trapped in an endless cycle, there is no way to stop from going into the night of a human existence mired in the past. A loss of faith. But the force of the new and the unexpected - the providence of the young and hopeful and optimistic - the dawning of a new chapter - this is represented by the Child from the Light. The Child tells the Priest that no matter what happens - no matter what “side of the fence” people are on, the ability to dream and make those dreams happen is of tantamount importance. He shows him a vision of this new Day. The Priest realises all of the time he’s wasted by not supporting dreams of a better future. The wise Child knows that such perspectives have never come easily, but often at great cost and destruction. He hopes that by putting aside the differences which divide us, - which divide tradition and progress - and focusing on what is mutual to all, that we can all stay in the light of the New Day for a while. This seems summed up to me by a picture I found in a book called Angel Tech, by Antero Ali. In it he says, “There are basically two types of winning: 1) Where you get ahead and 2) Where everyone gets ahead. Since the second type of winning already includes the first type inherently, that is where we’ll begin. Sometimes it's not possible for all concerned to get their individual way, however, this doesn't have to be an impediment. There is an area in every emotional situation that expresses "the mutual". It is not readily apparent at times due to the pressing needs of individuals in conflict. Nevertheless, the mutual can emerge if those individuals involved become politically aware and create a policy based in mutuality. This is a very simple agreement demanding absolute commitment and integrity to work. It states: Whatever is not mutual is released. This means that whenever people want different things, they agree to just drop them in favor of whatever remains mutual to all concerned. As difficult as this may sound, it actually gets easier with practice.” Perhaps this song is a naive notion, but it is unabashedly so.
Oracle 08:14


The Proverbial series is close to our hearts. Our good friend and upstanding human being, David Alsemgeest, contacted several of us to create music in honor of his son Rey and daughter Mei. They had, he let us know, Late Infantile Batten Disease (also known as Jansky–Bielschowsky disease), a rare, fatal autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder. Faced with such a thing, what else could happen but Proverbial 11? A year later, many of the same musicians, along with some new ones, have returned to bring music for David's family.

Sadly, shortly before this release, David and his family lost Rey. And yet, within the sadness associated with this - within the knowledge of it's bitter probability - David and his wife Kazumi did not transfer feelings of gloom to Rey, but gave him the most joyful existence he could have before the end. Rey's passing was approached by David and his family with dignity and compassion for the release of Rey's suffering. Several pieces from the first compilation were played at Rey's ceremony. It is in the spirit of this Strength and Hope that we release this second volume.

All proceeds will go straight to help David's family


released September 21, 2014

Recorded and engineered by the artists.

Production, additional engineering, and album design by Ken McGrath, Transmarginal Sound.

Cover painting by Jean-Henri Maisonneuve.

Additional photography by Randy Wentzel and Forest Lehrman.

Armchair Migraine Journey appears courtesy of Beta-lactam Ring Records,

Special thanks to Judi Jones, Kris Nelson, James Dilworth


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Proverbial 11 London, Ontario

Proverbial 11 is a group of friends and musicians from around the world, joined to support others in need, and to honor the lives of Rey and Mei Alsemgeest. Proverbial 11 is their legacy.

For v5, we have pooled our love together for the Small family. Please consider buying an album and seeing what this special project is all about.
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